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Lahti Main Library Adult section renovated - Library open as usual

Most of the materials have been packed and stored and are not available during the period of the renovation.

The Adult section is empty of books and furniture in the next few months because of floor, ceiling and other renovations. Beginning in December, the section will be furnished and made ready for use again. The renovated spaces will be opened to the public in early 2017.

The Main Library is open as usual
during the renovations
(weekdays 10:00-20:00 - self-service 8:00-10:00, Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-16:00)  Children and Youth Services on the first floor and Media and Music Services and the Reading Room on the second floor operate normally during the renovations.
can be used during the renovation, but 
are not available.
Pääkirjasto uudistuu

Reserve materials from other libraries - pick them up at the Main Library

During the renovation there is a small collection of adult literature in the Main Library, and all the books in the storage area are available. Some Main Library material is also sent to the branch libraries. Items in the branch libraries and other public libraries in the Lahti region can be borrowed and reserved in a normal way. Materials may be reserved in the LASTU Web Library and from the branches and other libraries in the region free of charge, and they are sent to the library location where the patron would like to pick them up.  

 Material may be returned to the Main Library during the renovation, and unpacked adult items may be borrowed and reserved. Materials that have been packed cannot be reserved.

The renovation of the Adult section is meant to make the space more functional and comfortable. The purpose is to make it easier for us to present our up-to-date and extensive collection, make the space more versatile, make it possible to organize small-scale events and create more spaces where patrons can spend their time, for example reading or working.
Other areas in the Main Library have already been renovated in the last few years, the Children and Youth section in 2012 and the Media and Music section in 2014-2015.

Further information:

Sylvia Stavén
Information Service Manager
tel. 044 416 3239

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